robert b.

Company: Integrated Energy Services Inc

Country: United States

state: Tx

city: Austin


SUB DISCIPLINE: Petrophysics, Rock Physics



About Me


 38 years practical experience in the petroleum industry as an openhole wireline engineer, product development manager, petrophysicist, and completion optimization advisor focusing on integrated reservoir characterization studies, completion optimization studies, and horizontal well field development projects. Extensive experience in both conventional and unconventional reservoirs.
 Received the Regional Formation Evaluation Award for the Society of Petroleum Engineers Southwest North America region (Permian Basin) in May of 2018
 Served as a Distinguished Lecturer 1995-1996 for the Society of Petroleum Engineers on the optimization of completion designs using petrophysical and reservoir engineering inputs.
 Recognized industry expert on refracturing mechanics and practices, delivered the keynote address at a major refracturing conference for the SPE in Calgary January 2016.
 Recognized authority on log derived rock mechanics, served as an expert witness for BP in the Macondo trial.
 Pioneered techniques to evaluate well performance using production data and routine well log data. Applied the concept to over 5000 zones to date and significantly improved completion results in the fields where the concept was applied. Most recent projects involve the application of the techniques in the Permian organic shale reservoirs where a solid correlation between modeled propped height and production results that enables operators to forward model production results from shale reservoirs. Analyzed over 1300 organic shale wells in the Permian Basin to date, presented SPE 174994 at the 2015 SPE ATCE summarizing the analyses. Analyzed over 300 wells in the various Central Basin Platform Permian carbonates to date, four different projects currently using horizontal multistage fracturing in conventional carbonate reservoirs.
 Instrumental in the development of the mechanical properties log for Schlumberger using full wave array and dipole sonic data. Served as the North American Product Champion for the Mechanical Properties Log (FracHite) that developed rock properties profiles for designing hydraulic fracture treatments, involved in over 500 rock properties log evaluations with Schlumberger and several thousand subsequent to leaving Schlumberger in 1991. Recognized expert in the industry on dipole and full wave sonic quality control and synthetic P and S wave generation. Selected for Ridgefield International Interpretation Symposium twice as one of the top three papers submitted to the USA Land Interpretation Symposium.
 Significant experience in multidisciplinary integrated reservoir characterization studies in both low and high permeability reservoirs onshore and offshore. Supervised the integration of petrophysical properties with geological, geophysical, and engineering disciplines on multidisciplinary studies on 26 fields in Mexico, Venezuela, Austria, Trinidad, and the USA.
 Developed and implemented a short course on the integration of petrophysics with reservoir and completion engineering that has been attended by industry professionals from over 300 operating companies to date and used by all major pumping service companies. This course focuses on evaluating post frac well performance, developing completion “best practices” to improve results, evaluating refracturing candidates, and successfully executing both fracturing and refracturing treatments.
 Authored or co-authored 41 technical papers and presentations on the integration of petrophysics with reservoir studies, completion designs, and horizontal well field development.
Latest SPE paper is on optimizing horizontal completions using Extreme Limited Entry



  • Reservoir Characterization
  • Fracs
  • Well Logging
  • Log Interpretation
  • Fractured Reservoirs
  • Well Log Analysis
  • Plug & Perf Optimisation
  • Completion Optimization


  • Alberta
  • Anadarko
  • Burgos
  • Delaware
  • Permian
  • Piceance
  • Powder River
  • Utica
  • Maracaibo Basin
  • Browse
  • Fort Worth
  • East Texas
  • Appalachian (Marcellus Shale)
  • Permian (Wolfcamp)
  • Anadarko (Mississippi Lime)
  • South Texas (Eagleford)
  • Eastern Venezuela
  • Western Canadian
  • Williston Basin (Three Forks)
  • South Texas
  • Texas Gulf Coast
  • Louisiana Gulf Coast
  • Piceance (Mesa Verde)
  • Piceance (Niobrara/Mancos shale)
  • Maverick
  • Fort Worth (Barnett shale)

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COUNTRY:United States