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About Me

Geophysicist- International Oil & Gas Consultant - SeisSpace Expert - will travel
Traveled the world implementing geophysical solutions to Oil & Gas Exploration Operations. 2D/3D Land/Marine Data Processing, Depth Imaging, & Seismic Field Operations QC.
Over 35 years experience (Geophysicist) providing the following Global Geophysical Services:
●Depth Imaging & Illumination (PSDM/PSTM)
●Mentoring Applied Geophysical Theory
●Processing 2D/3D Land & Marine Seismic Data
●Leading Geophysical Workshops
●Manage and supervise geophysicists
●Computer Support (LINUX & Windows)
●Supervise - QC Seismic Field Crews
●Geophysical App Support & Development
●Sell Geophysical Application Software
●Built 4 global seismic computing centers
●Teach Applied Geophysical Theory
●Manager - Seismic Computing Centers (4)

Experience includes extensive overseas experience at these on site locations:
●Algiers, Boumerdes & Hassi Messoaud Algeria
●Luanda, Angola
●Sulaimaniyah, Kurdistan, Iraq
●Abu Dhabi, UAE
●Dhaka, Bangladesh
●Daejoen, South Korea
●Tokyo, Japan
●Dehradun, India
●Cairo Egypt
●Tripoli, Libya
●Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
●Villahermosa and Reynosa, Mexico
●Bucaramanga and Bogota, Colombia
●Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
●Doha, Qatar
●Beijing, China
●Niamey, Niger
●Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Summary of accomplishments:
●2017- Publish geophysical papers, teach and mentor international geophysicists.
●1994-2017- Sell seismic geophysical solutions, services and application software to oil clients.
●2016- Start and Establish new seismic computing center (64-Node Cluster) in Algeria.
●2015- Mentor and supervise 60+ Geophysicists for QC and processing seismic data in Algeria.
●2014- Sold ½ Million USD Geophysical App Software Package to geophysical company in Japan.
●2013- Build a seismic computing center (64-Node Cluster) from the ground up in Colombia.
●2011-2012 Supervised seismic field crew QC and seismic processing in Qatar and Brazil.
●2003-2010- Geophysical Specialist for Saudi ARAMCO in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.
●Developed Wave Equation Depth Imaging seismic application software.
●1994-2003- Owner/Operator of my own company - MacShane Geophysical, Inc.
●Sold geophysical solutions and services to the oil and gas industry.
●Winner of the 1996 BP GOM award - Innovative Achievement-distributive computing.
●1989-1994- Developed Seismic Depth Imaging Application Software in Houston, Texas.
●1979-1989- Manager of a Seismic Data Processing Computer Center in Houston, Texas.

Recent Publications and Professional Presentations
“Quality Control for Interpreting Geophysicists of Common Image Gathers in Sub-salt”,
2016 OTC-Asia, Kuala, Lampour.
“Lessons Learned & Tips for Students of Geophysics”
Published on November 9, 2016 by LinkedIn PULSE
“6 Advantages to Processing Seismic Data with the 5D Interpolation Algorithm”
Published on January 10, 2017 by LinkedIn PULSE
Additional Publications available from the MacShane Homepage

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●MacShane Homepage
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  • Seismic Attribute Analysis
  • Seismic Inversion
  • Seismic Analysis
  • Well-to-Seismic Ties
  • Geostatistics
  • Seismic Data Processing
  • Depth Imaging and Illumination
  • Seismic Field QC


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COUNTRY:United States

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